Monday, August 13, 2018

Slow Session

September 3rd (Labor Day Monday)
Irish Slow Session 2-4pm @CrunchyBanana

Grab your whistle, flute, fiddle or whatever and come on down to try your hand at some Irish tunes!
Beginners are welcome! This is a sloooow session, so don't worry about having all the tunes at full speed and yes, you can use sheet music if you like. You'll find tune info below. Since many will be new to the music I've made a brief list where we can start and you can look up the tunes if you're not familiar (the letter and number after the tune name refers to the section and page in the tunebook below). Also, if there's a tune you're dying to play, please come prepared to teach it to the rest of us (and if you can find it in the tunebook all the better!).

Dawning of the Day A7
Sally Gardens A16
The Parting Glass A16
South Wind A19

Egan's Polka P4
Rake of Mallow P25
Britches Full of Stitches P6

Road to Lisdoonvara S4
Dingle Regatta S5
100 Pipers S12

Boys of Blue Hill H4
Off to California H5
Harvest Home H8

Drowsy Maggie R9
Wind that Shakes the Barley R57
Soldier's Joy P24
Girl I Left Behind Me P22

Scotland the Brave A17